For the past decade, Chef/Restaurateur Nui Kullanna has been serving the greater Phoenixville area the most authentic Thai cuisine around.  From the moment Nui emigrated to Southeastern Pennsylvania from her home in Thailand she longed to find flavors resembling the ones she grew up enjoying, but with some style and elegance.  After a few years the opportunity presented itself for Nui to grow this longing into a full fledged restaurant and Phoenixville gave birth to her vision, Thai L’elephant.  Combining a higher level of service and a heightened dining experience, Nui took to the kitchen to craft some of the finest Thai cuisine to grace plates of diners, and her community took form around her for ten strong years.




My appreciation for world cuisine began at a young age when my family moved from West Chester, PA, to Medellin, Colombia. There I was exposed to a variety of foods and often watched my mother experiment with new and unfamiliar ingredients, which helped shape my lifelong passion for cooking. At age 18, I moved back to Pennsylvania.

I did my internship under Chef Guillermo Pernot, at !Pasion! Restaurant in Philadelphia, working the ceviche station and learning how to work with exotic ingredients, furthering my interest in Latin fusion. I was developing my own culinary style, fusing Latin, Asian and European cuisines.

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